At Automatic Feed, we endeavor to keep our eyes open to market trends so that we can develop relationships and new technologies to help our customers with their manufacturing challenges. Over the years we have established affiliate companies to expand our reach and capability so that we can develop new solutions for the market without losing the focus on our core pressroom automation business.

Northwest Ohio Learning Center for Manufacturing Sciences

Partnering with Napoleon-area schools and Northwest Ohio Community College, Automatic Feed has invested in a technology learning center at its headquarters, hoping to inspire youth to explore careers in STEM education and build an interest in manufacturing careers.  Participating students are provided curriculum and hands-on experiences in engineering technologies, print-reading, manufacturing processes, industrial computing, and more.  Automatic Feed encourages other area companies to become involved in this program. Learn more

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LaserCoil Technologies LLC

Formed in 2011, LaserCoil Technologies LLC provides metal fabricating systems and solutions featuring advanced and patented technologies for laser cutting of blanks from coil in aluminum, mild steel, AHSS and other materials.  The technology originated out of Automatic Feed Company and is based on over half a decade of research and successful production runs.

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High Production Technologies LLC

Founded in 1997, High Production Technology (HPT) originally produced technologically advanced material handling pressroom automation for the front, middle or end-of-line. Over the past half-decade the company has focused its efforts in the energy sector, specifically the oil industry. Today, HPT manufactures an advanced linear rod pump known as a LRP. These are used in oil fields to replace less efficient horse-head style pumps.

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