Laser Blanking

experience to do the job right

Automatic Feed will partner with LaserCoil to supply a laser blanking system for your facility. A laser blanking line will provide the flexibility to quickly react to changes in production as well as increasing the quality of your blanks.

Our coil line, laser blanking system and stacker will be configured to your needs. The coil line options will include a leveler capable of flattening today’s high strength steel and aluminum materials. The laser system will be equipped with either a single- or a multi-laser head arrangement that comes with unique nesting and cutting software which optimizes material use and makes changeover as simple as entering a new part number. And we offer several stacking options that will meet your blank handling needs.

With an Automatic Feed – LaserCoil Laser Blanking System, you can process a variety of coil materials and cut shapes from complex body side outers to simple chevron and scroll cuts. And, depending upon part size and complexity, you can reach production figures of up to 100,000.