Proven Equipment Solutions

Experience and Expertise

When it comes to pressroom automation solutions, Automatic Feed Company (AFCO) has the experience and expertise to do the job right. Our equipment and services are supported by talented team members with wide-ranging skills and many years of experience, making this possible.  For over 70 years, automotive manufacturers and suppliers have relied on AFCO to provide state of the art coil processing equipment that produces the surface quality, flatness and length accuracy demanded by this industry.  From feeding, leveling, blanking, cut-to-length, or blank washing and handling solutions, to high-production or space-constrained applications, AFCO will design a system that meets your needs.

AFCO will deliver reliable and maintainable leading edge technology solutions. Our approach to design and build will utilize a standardized and modular approach, yet provide a custom equipment solution that meets your specifications.

A SMART™ Approach

We focus on delivering solutions that embody simplification of design, reliability and maintainability. Our SMART™ approach to design and build is based on a standardized and modular approach that helps tailor solutions to your specifications at a lower cost and with minimal impact on the overall process. As part of SMART, we also apply a Distributed Device Architecture (DDA) process to our control devices that provides improved reliability while our Wizard software simplifies line setup and recovery.

Our Global Metal Processing Expertise

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Our Solutions Include...

Cassette Levelers

Surface quality must be maintained when processing coil materials – our levelers can process steel, aluminum and AHSS.

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AFCO designs and manufactures heavy duty levelers and straighteners which can process material while maintaining required high quality surface finishes.

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Expand your stacking capabilities with a new AFCO innovative precision stacker, hybrid stacker, vacuum retrofit to your existing stacker, or a robotic stacker, whichever best meets your blank handling and stacking needs.

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Automatic Feed supplies both hot water washers and low pressure lubricant brush washers.  Your production needs will determine which type of washer is the best equipment choice for you.

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We offer both Single Mandrel Reel Uncoilers and Double Expanding Mandrel Uncoilers. Each uncoiler design offers both manual and automatic features that include centering, coil load and thread up.

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AFCO’s dies allow you to optimize productivity while reducing floor space requirements of two individual lines.

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Servo-driven oscillating shears can increase the efficiency of your coil processing line, reduce costs, and increasing production rates and productivity.

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Bundle Turnovers

Designed to accommodate your largest part sizes down to your smallest we have the capacity to rotate your heaviest stack weights.

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Scrap Systems

Scrap handling is an important system to be considered for every blanking line.

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Rebuilds, Retrofits, Upgrades

AFCO can extend the life of your equipment by supplying rebuilds, retrofits and upgrades for a variety of machine types.

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In Stock

AFCO offers equipment manufactured to stock and remanufactured equipment to provide what you need in a short time frame.

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Full Lines

AFCO has the experience and expertise to design and manufacture full coil line processing systems that will generate blanks from steel, aluminum and AHSS coils.

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In addition to Full Lines, AFCO can provide individual machines and equipment add-ons that can increase flexibility and functionality for your existing line operation.

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