In-Die Conveyors

Reliable Custom Designed In-die Conveyors

It’s crucial for you to remove parts from your dies consistently, quickly and controllably. Our custom designed and built in-die conveyors reliably perform at speeds of up to 650-ft/minute.

These conveyors are not only built for the rigors of the stamping environment, they are also cleverly designed with programmable set speeds for each part. In addition, our dual-out approach solution increases productivity by removing two parts out of the exit end of the press, eliminating the need for side stacking

In-die Conveyor Features

  • Designed to fit in the dies
  • Manufactured to handle the severe environment
  • VFD driven, variable belt speed for controlled part removal from the die
  • Part removal timing integrated with the press stroke
  • Vacuum holding of blank to maintain part orientation