Full Lines

Automatic Coil Loading

Auto Peel and Auto Threading

Coil Loading and Threading

Blanking Line

High-speed Blanking Line

Heavy Gauge Line

Installation at Tier One Automotive Company

Full Line Equipment Options

Leveler Auto Cassette Change

Shear Auto Die Change Out

Laser Blanking

Full Feed Line with Continuous Cutting and Robotic Stacking

LaserCoil CAM Nesting and Cutting Support Software

Dual laser heads cutting in harmony

Featured equipment at our technical testing center in Ohio

Introduction to our nesting and cutting software

Simulation detailing scrap shedding for multiple laser head lines

Large scrap shedding with multiple heads sharing the work

30 SPM Chevron running in feed index and continuous modes

Additional Equipment

Bundle Turnover

In-Press Oscillating Shears

Oscillating Shear

Stacking Forks

Oscillating Die

Oscillating Die at 80-SPM

Automatic Stack Load / Unload Sequences

Oscillating Shear at Automotive Tier One