Auxiliary Equipment

Increase Flexibility and Functionality

AFCO can provide individual machines and equipment add-ons for your coil line that can increase flexibility and functionality for your existing line operation.


Exit Conveyors (Run-Out Conveyors) provide high speed blank removal after shears or presses, protecting the surfaces of the parts, and moving them to the overhead conveyor for transport to the stacker.

EOL (End Of Line) Conveyors which are slower running, are typically at the end of a Progressive Die Line. These conveying system are capable of handling single or stacked formed parts. They can be configured for loading into a bin at the end of the conveyor, or can have multiple bin loading stations along either side of the conveyor with options including lift and tilt tables with weigh scales.

Edge Dimplers

Designed for customers processing aluminum, Edge Dimpling assists with blank separation by putting a series of small ‘dimples’ near the edge of the material. These dimples allow air fanners to separate the aluminum blanks more effectively, reducing processing time by eliminating or reducing picking of double parts.

Dimpling is available in both single and double edge configurations. Assemblies are mounted between the main feeder and the press. The double edge dimpling allows each side to be independently located from the edge of the material strip. The mounting will allow offline dimpling tool access, outside of the maximum material width. The dimple size is part set-able by tool pressure.


The AFCO AC servo driven Micro Feeder will advance material into the press die area only during tail-out to process more of the coil tail resulting in customer savings from scrap reduction. The Micro Feed assembly, which extends into the press to accommodate different press die locations, also has height adjustment to handle different passline heights.

Scrap Choppers

Scrap Choppers by AFCO are typically supplied at the exit end of progressive die presses on systems using Exit Feeds. Exit Feeds are used to pull ribbons of material through the Prog Die allowing better feed accuracy and faster production. These ribbons of material are then cut into manageable scrap lengths by the Scrap Chopper. Noise containment has been integrated into the chopper safety design offering reduced sound output.  Blade gap adjustment allows for processing a large material range while preventing cutting problems.