Oscillating Dies

Dies that Meet Your Operating Needs

Automatic Feed offers both attached (or clamp up) oscillating dies and bump (or slap) dies.  Customer needs and requirements will determine which will meet your operating needs.

Oscillating Attached Dies

AFCO’s AC servo-driven oscillating dies turn a high speed blanking line into a cut to length line in the time it takes to change a die.  They allow you to optimize productivity while reducing floor space requirements of two individual lines.  The die oscillates with each stroke, pivoting to cut both rectangular and trapezoidal blanks with reliable, repeatable precision.

Oscillating Bump Dies

The servo driven Bump Die, which oscillates on a lubricated air bearing +/- 35°, offers an alternative to the attached oscillating die.  While generally rated at 55 SPM, the AFCO designed bump die has been operated at press speeds greater than 80 SPM. Blanks are cut when the press stroke causes the slide to bump the blade holder and compress die mounted springs. The lower fixed die section contains the blade holder and is mounted on the press bolster. This design allows quick die replacement for dies with straight or contoured cut shapes.