Rebuilds, Retrofits, Upgrades

The Experience You Need to Keep Your Machines Moving

Based upon the experience and expertise of Automatic Feed Company’s Engineers and Technicians we are capable of rebuilding equipment, from AFCO Full Lines, to Drives and Controls on existing equipment in the field, as well as non-AFCO lines and equipment.

AFCO can extend the life of your equipment by supplying:

Rebuilds Retrofits Upgrades


Rebuilds for your Equipment will extend the life of that equipment until you are ready to replace it. This helps to prevent your equipment from becoming outdated or obsolete.

Leveler Rebuilds

  • Work Roll Replacement
  • Intermediate Roll Replacement
  • Cam Follower Replacement
  • Cassette Rebuild / Replacement
  • Gearbox Rebuild

Washer Rebuilds

Washer rebuilds for:

  • Heaters, Pumps and Filters
  • Air Knives and Blower
  • Mist Collector and Platform
  • Oil / Water Separator
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Full Line Rebuilds

AFCO can also rebuild your entire coil processing line – beginning to end. Drives, motors, electrical controls and more can be updated making your line run like new. In addition to a controls upgrade, vacuum capabilities can be added for aluminum processing, a slow running press can add an in-press shear to achieve 80 SPM and beyond, or a new or rebuilt oscillating die can expand your overall line capabilities.

Non-AFCO Equipment Rebuilds

Automatic Feed will also rebuild Non-AFCO Equipment.

  • Non-AFCO equipment
  • AFCO will disassemble, clean, replace predetermined parts, and reassemble
  • Get you back up and running


Retrofits for your Equipment can add new functionality to equipment that may have previously been limiting your manufacturing capabilities. The addition of a Vacuum Retrofit to your conventional stacker will make you dual material capable in order to keep pace with today's evolving material requirements. The addition of AIM to your line can produce many benefits that will improve your manufacturing process.
Stacker Vacuum Retrofit

Conventional Magnetic Stacker Retrofit with Vacuum Capabilities

Retrofit for Vacuum Stacking includes:

  • Vacuum carry-over system for blank transfer
  • Allows continuous run when stacking in 2 stations
  • Drop positions mimic magnet drops for identical blank positioning
  • Approximate 6 month delivery
  • One week installation and Commissioning

AIM System Retrofit

  • Fault logging and reporting
  • Operation History
  • Web-based viewing for Prints and Manuals
  • Addition of new HMI's and computers
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced operator costs and maintenance


Upgrades to your Equipment will extend the life of that equipment until you are ready to replace it. Electrical Upgrades can not only extend the life of your equipment but also reduce the cost of power consumption when you are running production and during down time. A magnet upgrade for your stacker, with new stronger magnets will mean a smoother and more efficient material handling operation.

Electrical Drives and Controls Upgrade

  • New panels
  • New AC Drives
  • New Motors
  • New I/O
  • Energy Cost Savings

Stacker Magnet Upgrade

  • New Magnets
  • New Regulators
  • Maintain all part programmable functions
  • Able to handle different shaped parts
  • Upgraded Conveyor