Bundle Turnovers

Designed with Precision and Strength

Turning over blanks to create opposite-handed parts may sound easy, but with today’s coated steels and surface sensitivity, it takes careful design consideration to incorporate the required precision and strength into an effective bundle turnover unit.

AFCO has many sizes and styles available. From side to end load types, we have the turnover to fit your needs. Designed to accommodate your largest part sizes down to your smallest, we have the capacity to rotate all of your stacks.

Front Load Bundle Turn Over

AFCO’s standard front-load Bundle Turnover offers bridge surfaces made of ¾ inch steel plate for use with pallets on the top and bottom of the stack for loading and unloading stacks.  Customized options can include lands style bridge surfaces with urethane pads.  These options allow for loading and unloading of stacks via tow-motor with or without the use of pallets.

Front Load Bundle Turn Over For Small Parts

AFCO’s standard front-load Bundle Turnover is now offered for small pallets of smaller blanks. This front-loading bundle turnover can accommodate many types of smaller stacked blanks including cold-rolled and advanced high strength steels (AHSS) as well as aluminum. It has a weight capacity of up to 18,750 lbs. and can accommodate blank stacks of up to 64” (1625 mm) wide x 82.25” (2089 mm) length and up to 45.44” total height.

Through Style Bundle Turn Over

AFCO also offers a Through Style BTO which utilizes a conveyor to transfer the stack in and out of the BTO rather than tow-motor load and unload. 

A customer’s needs will determine which style of BTO best satisfies their production requirements.