AIM Software


Automation Integration Manager Software

Scalable Control & Monitoring

AIM™ (Automation Integration Manager) encompasses a range of manufacturing management software that allows manufacturers to:

  • Increase plant-floor visibility
  • Maximize productivity and efficiency
  • Reduce operator costs and maintenance​

This is achieved through a scalable control and monitoring solution, which will increase profitability and uptime while helping to improve product quality through real-time data monitoring and reporting. AIM software solutions can monitor single machines, integrated production lines, as well as plant-wide operations

Productive and Profitable

AIM is focused on the factory floor, delivering the knowledge vital to operating a productive and profitable organization. Our products and services include recipe management systems, integration with ERP/MRP and other shop floor systems, production reporting, quality reporting, coil inventory management systems, and custom software development. AIM integrates directly with the machine controls, reducing the risk of error or bias.

AIM Enterprise is a web-based software focusing on the factory floor and  delivering the knowledge vital to operating a productive and profitable organization

  • Allows anyone from the plant floor to the CEO’s office to view what’s happening anywhere, at any time, on any machine.
  • Totally eliminates the need to install additional software on individual computers.
  • Displays information in a format that can be easily viewed and quickly analyzed.
  • Provides a wide variety of reports displaying information in a variety of formats to satisfy everyone’s preferences.
  • Obtains information directly from the machine controls, making it far more reliable than data entered manually.

AIM HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a database-driven Visual Basic application designed for integration with industrial production equipment in every plant environment.  It serves as a direct link to your production equipment and devices.

  • Displays real-time equipment status and productivity levels.
  • Provides information to assist maintenance personnel troubleshoot downtime issues, including online prints and manuals and operation history.
  • Offers highly scalable recipe management system modifiable by the end user.
  • Eliminates the need for licensing and runtime key