Automatic Feed Receives Order for Cut-to-Length Line from Canadian Stamper

Automatic Feed Company (AFCO) announces that it has received an order for a custom designed and built Cut-to-Length (CTL) line from an Ontario-based automotive stamping company. In addition to the uncoiler, feeder, straightener and shear in the CTL line, the system also includes a coil cart, threading table and magnetic stacker. The line is designed for cutting steel blanks from 4.75” – 78” wide and in thicknesses from 0.6mm to 3.2mm thick at a max yield of 1480 MPa. The straight cut shear can reach speeds of 120 spm and the overall line has a maximum speed of 50 mpm.

Some of the features of the system are a straightener that offers independent entry and exit bridge adjustment controlled by hydraulic motor actuated screw jacks. It also includes AFCO’s Straightener Calculator to assist operators with straightener bridge adjustment as needed for coil correction.

The feeder has chromed rolls and an AFCO cassette style pinch roll assembly for easy replacement. The uncoiler comes with two coil carts and provides storage for two coils while the thread table has an anti-backup feature to prevent material from falling into the looping pit.

Also included in this purchase is a 5-year Preventative Maintenance plan and 24-month warranty on parts.

The line is scheduled for installation in the spring of 2024.  For more information on Automatic Feed’s Cut-to-Length lines, visit High-Speed Cut-to-Length Solutions – Automatic Feed Company or call 419-592-0050.

Automatic Feed is providing a new CTL line to an automotive stamper in Canada.