Automatic Feed Announces Flexible EDGE Stacker for Surface and Edge Critical Blanks

Automatic Feed (AFCO) has announced its versatile new EDGE Stacker, designed to transport blanks via an overhead conveyor system and precisely drop them into ice cube stacks, regardless of the end use.  This stacking system was specifically designed for blanking or cut to length lines producing surface sensitive steel, surface sensitive aluminum, or blanks for laser welding.  The ability to maintain premium edge quality is also a significant feature of this design.  The EDGE Stacker is available as a single or double station stacker that can be equipped with either switchable permanent magnets, vacuum capability or a hybrid version that includes both.

The overhead belt conveyors are servo-driven, providing blank support and precise delivery of parts from the press or shear to the stacking area.  A variety of stacking guide options are available to ensure ice cube stacks while protecting surface and edge quality.

The entire end of line EDGE Stacker typically includes the exit conveyor with sheet lifters, multiple guide assemblies, and rotating stacking carts with scissor lifts.  This stacker provides numerous modes of operation including Single Stacking for a single stack per station, Continuous Mode Stacking for non-trapezoidal blanks, Alternate Mode Stacking for trapezoidal blanks, Dual Side by Side Part Stacking and Dual End to End Part Stacking.

Soft Piling®, a feature developed to protect the parts leading edge, is unique to Automatic Feed’s motion control.  For an added level of edge protection, Stop & Drop stacking is also available.

The EDGE Stacker can handle material from 0.5mm – 4.0mm thick. Parts can vary from 100mm (4”) – 4000mm (157.5”) length and 300mm (11.8”) – 2134mm (84”) in width.