Automatic Feed Announces Their Newest Generation of Cassette Levelers

Automatic Feed (AFCO) announces the availability of its newest generation of precision cassette levelers. These levelers are designed specifically for advanced and ultra-high-strength steel, tailor welded blanks, and surface critical steel and aluminum. In addition to a wide range of material types, they provide superior flatness for a wide range of material widths, thicknesses, and yield strengths.

Automatic Feed has manufactured a variety of cassette style levelers over the past two decades.  In order to meet the demands of the rapidly changing material types, AFCO is currently manufacturing the newest generation in three primary types.  The HSS model processes material thickness from 0.5mm to 2.5mm and up to 2m (78.74in) wide.  The HD-HSS model processes thicknesses of 0.5mm to 4.0mm for widths up to 2134mm (84in) and features 11 banks of backups for optimal flattening. The XLC-HSS model, which offers the broadest range of leveling capacity, is capable of processing thicknesses of 0.5mm to 6 mm for materials up to 2134mm (84in) wide.  Each of these levelers is designed to run in lines at speeds up to 90 mpm.  

The leveler gearboxes are powered by AC servo-driven motors, helping to achieve high precision and accuracy.  The cassette style exit pinch rolls are also driven with an independent AC servo motor. Each gearbox is sized to accommodate specified leveler capacity ratings and maximum line speeds. Entry and exit bridge adjustments are controlled by hydraulic screw jacks.

These cassette-style levelers feature removable cartridges that house the upper and lower work rolls, intermediate spiral grooved backup rolls and either 9 or 11 banks of cam follower back-ups. The center backups are adjustable on the XLC-HSS and HD-HSS for optimal flattening across the width of the material (optional for the HSS).  Hydraulic clamping is provided as standard for all three leveler models.  

A major benefit of cassette levelers is that a single leveler can handle a broader range of thicknesses for various materials by using interchangeable cassettes with different roll diameters and spacing to meet specific material processing requirements. With spline connections as a standard feature on the HD-HSS and XLC-HSS models, (and available as an option for the HSS), cassette change outs can take less than four minutes and be accomplished without tools.  Cassette style levelers, which feature AFCO’s auto cassette change, provide easy access for machine inspection, cleaning, and maintenance. 

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