Automatic Feed’s Cassette Leveler Automated Change Tables Speed Material Changeovers

Automatic Feed (AFCO) has announced the availability of its Automatic Dual Cassette Change Table for use with the AFCO HD-HSS or XLC-HSS Cassette Levelers.  These tables enable two cassettes to be stored and automatically changed out in under five minutes for the processing of different materials. This reduces downtime and improves production output.

The Dual Cassette Change Table is available in either a permanent position style or a version where the table folds away, allowing space for the operator to walk between the press line and the shifting table. Both styles come with perimeter fencing and a gate. 

With the HD-HSS model, capable of processing materials of 0.5mm to 4.0mm thick and widths up to 2134mm (84in), the tables are suited for changeover of the same size cassettes. With the XLC-HSS model, capable of processing thicknesses of 0.5mm to 6 mm for materials up to 2134mm (84in) wide, cassettes of different-sized work rolls can be stored and changed out by the Automated Cassette Change Tables.

A key benefit of the AFCO Cassette Levelers is that a single leveler can handle a broader range of thicknesses for various different materials.  The XLC-HSS leveler offers interchangeable cassettes with different roll diameters and spacing to meet specific material processing requirements. In general, cassette style levelers provide easy access for machine inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.