Automatic Feed Coil-Fed Hot Water Washers Eliminate Particles 20+ Microns in Size

Automatic Feed’s  (AFCO) coil-fed high pressure hot water washers eliminate oil and contamination on aluminum and various metals that can cause visible part defects during the stamping process.  These washers strip away any particles above 20 to 40 microns (.000788” to .001576”) and greater from the material to improve surface quality.

The AFCO hot water washers utilize a reverse osmosis system to ensure constant quality of incoming water for the washing process. They can handle coil materials up to 84” in width and achieve a typical line speed of 300 fpm.  The wash systems offer the right heat, pressure, and flow to clean material in a manner that has proven effective for more than 30 years.

The systems include entry and exist mist containment, which prevents moisture and steam from escaping into the factory and a spray chamber that contains the spray headers and nozzles directing water onto the material.  An air knife system uses low pressure, high volume air to blow the water off the strip, resulting in dry material exiting the washer.

The system entry and exit are designed with opposing rolls to support and drive the material through the machine. All peripheral washing equipment for process water storage, heating, pumping, filtering, oil/water separation and moisture containment are included.

These hot water systems are typically paired with an AFCO supplied electrostatic re-oiling system with a metering pump to provide uniform film thickness at line speeds.  Hydraulic span table sections can be included with the washer for use when the oiler is rolled out of line.

The hot water washers feature an electrical control system and control hardware.  Automatic Feed has designed, manufactured and installed over 40 of these systems to date.