Automatic Feed Coil-Fed Lubricant Brush Washers Clean Material Prior to Stamping

Automatic Feed’s  (AFCO) coil-fed lubricant brush washers feature low pressure spray headers and counter-rotating brushes to clean debris off stock while leaving a fresh oil film on the material to optimize surface quality prior to the forming process. This ongoing cleaning and control of the lubricant oil helps to improve quality and productivity.

Appropriate for steel or aluminum coil stock, these washers can handle material up to 84” in width and achieve a typical line speed of 300 fpm.

During operation, the coil stock is fed through the chrome-coated entry pinch rolls where low-pressure nozzles apply oil, matched to the specification of the material being run, both prior to and after the brushes. The brush rolls are designed to thoroughly remove any debris particles that can damage the surface during stamping. Compressed cloth squeegee rolls, at the exit of the washer, remove excess oil while leaving the desired amount of oil for storing or stamping of the parts. All of the system’s rolls have regulators for adjusting the roll pressure.

To assist with housekeeping cleanliness, the washing systems feature drip lips piped to the drain in the main reservoir to self-contain oil. Mist collection equipment employs negative pressure to keep the mist confined to the washer, and from escaping into the factory.

To continue optimal performance, these coil-fed washers have an automatic grease system that lubricates the roll bearings of the roller sections and helps to reduce downtime required for maintenance.  Additionally, the brush drum is removeable from the front of the machine for brush changes and the reservoir features easily accessible maintenance doors.